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  • How to Remove the Radio from a Mazda 3 and install USB and, or Bluetooth kit

    Removing the radio from a Mazda 3 is quite easy, so take your time and follow this guide through and you will have a working iPod and iPhone car kit connection in no time. You only need basic skills and it should be ready to test in about 20 minutes. Please see the steps below …

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  • What is the difference between an FM transmitter and an FM modulator?

    Simply put, an FM transmitter sends your music signal over the airwaves, while an FM modulator injects your music signal directly into your car radio. They both work by sending FM frequencies similar to radio broadcasts, which is then picked up by your car stereo antenna. FM Transmitters transmit the frequencies wirelessly and FM Modulators …

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  • How do I know if my BMW has DSP?

    The BMW compatibility says that it supports “Non DSP only”. How do I know if my car has DSP or not? DSP stands for Digital Signal Processing and is used to enhance sound quality. Our products will only support cars that do not have DSP. Most BMW vehicles released in Australia do not have DSP, with …

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  • Subaru McIntosh Radio Identification

    It can be difficult to identify certains radios in vehicles today as often times the radio model number is not displayed but just the brand name. This makes it hard then to know which car kit is compatible with your particular radio. This blog post is primarily for Subaru owners with McIntosh radios. They are infamously …

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