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VLite™ Infotainment System

VLite VT2 for CarPlay and Android Auto

We are happy to introduce easier to operate, lighter variation of VLine VL2 System to add CarPlay and Android Auto functionality to the factory car stereo. VLite VT2 (VLine Lite 2) system allows to seamlessly integrate CarPlay and Android Auto to factory car stereo.

The VLite VT2 is currently available for select Honda, Nissan, Infiniti and Toyota vehicles only,

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Features include:
Smartphone Integration – CarPlay® and Android Auto®

  • Connect your phone to your car stereo via USB or wireless
  • Get CarPlay and Android Auto on your factory screen
  • Supports CarPlay wireless or USB
  • Supports Android Auto wireless or via USB
  • Get maps, music, messaging, calls*
  • Control using car stereo touchscreen or knob
  • Use voice assistant – OK Google® or Siri®
  • Sound goes through all stereo speakers

In addition the kit supports Bluetooth music streaming, USB for iPhone, and WiFi connectivity for firmware updates.

Check compare table to better understand the difference between VLine VL2 and VLite VT2 systems.

Grom VLine Grom VLite
Android Auto via USB Yes Yes
CarPlay via USB Yes Yes
Wireless Android Auto Yes Yes
Wireless CarPlay Yes Yes
USB Stick Playback Yes No
Bluetooth Music Yes Yes
Bluetooth Phone Calls CarPlay or OEM bluetooth only CarPlay or OEM bluetooth only
AUX-In 3.5mm Yes No
Free Updates Yes Yes
Car Stereo / Steering Wheel Control Yes Yes
Standalone apps Yes No
Google Play Store Yes No
External cameras, backup camera Yes Yes - Adaptor for aftermarket now available
Video in motion (VIM) Yes No
Icon spotify music
Local Music
Web music radio icon
Web Radio
Google Music

With our built-in music plug-ins (Spotify, Web Radio, Google Music, and Local Music), you have full control of what is being played at the touch of your fingertips.

Google Maps
Waze Maps

With our integrated Google Maps, Waze Maps, or other map applications, you can navigate to your destination with ease. Use voice command to start navigation.

Music Search

You have full control over navigation and music search by the power of your voice. Simply press voice activation button and tell VLine where you would like to go.

Full Car Integration

(No stereo replacement required)

Touch Screen

Touch screen

Full control of your music and navigation from your stereo touchscreen.


Car knob

For cars with knobs, you can use the knob controls to operate VLine.

Steering Wheel

Car steering wheel

Steering wheel controls work with VLine and help you to skip tracks forward or back.

WIFI Connectivity

Mobile Hotspot

VLine Infotainment System mobile hotspot.

Smartphone Hotspot

Use USB Mobile Hot Spot to provide internet connectivity for your VLine. Many data providers offer “Data only” plans for monthly fee, check with your local data provider.

Bluetooth Streaming

Connect directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth to stream music.

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