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  • Bluetooth Car Kits: Parrot vs GROM vs Dension

    At Cushie Audio we’ve spoken to thousands of customers who have invested in Bluetooth car kits, many of who have used Parrot Bluetooth products before switching to another brand like GROM or Dension. We decided to look further into the differences between the products, to give consumers a better idea of what suits their car …

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  • Pandora Shuts Down, Here’s An Alternative To Playing Music That Doesn’t Chew Through Data

    On 31 July 2017, Pandora shut down its Australian service and operations, leaving 1.2m active users without their music. While Spotify or iTunes Radio are still popular entertainment options for drivers, their average data usage rate are far higher than Pandora. They can send you crashing through your mobile free data cap if you’re not …

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  • How To Add Bluetooth To A Mazda 6

    The Mazda 6 has been in production since 2002, replacing the Mazda 626, and is one of Australia’s most popular cars. It wasn’t until the 3rd Generation (GJ1) that bluetooth connectivity became standard in the Mazda 6. For first (GG) and second (GH) generation Mazda 6 owners, there’s not been a lot of choice in …

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  • Car DAB+ adapter

    How to add DAB+ Digital Radio to your car

    DAB+ is the most widely adopted digital radio standard across the world, and is on-air in more than 40 countries. The DAB+ Digital Radio rollout is well underway in Australia, with coverage in five metropolitan capital cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Trials are underway in Canberra and Darwin. With DAB+ in Australia …

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  • Shop now, interest free. With AfterPay!

    We are happy to announce that you can now shop with us interest free, any purchase can be made online easily with 4 interest-free fortnightly payments. This is possible thanks to our partnership with AfterPay, a revolutionary new way to shop online. Simply make your purchase on our website as you would normally, and at …

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  • GROM Bluetooth & USB for Subarus

    How to Add USB or Bluetooth to a Subaru Liberty

    The Subaru Liberty (or Legacy overseas) was first produced in 1989, and is currently in its sixth generation. Subaru Liberty’s are a hugely popular car in Australia, and many older models are still on the road today. Bluetooth capabilities weren’t added as standard in the Subaru Legacy/Liberty until the Fifth Generation went into production in …

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  • GROM Bluetooth for LandCruiser 200 Series

    Adding Bluetooth to a Toyota LandCruiser

    The Toyota LandCruiser has been around since 1951, and due to it’s reliability and longevity has become one of Australia’s most popular 4WD vehicles. Up until more modern LandCruiser variants, as with many cars of the era, USB and Bluetooth connectivity isn’t common. In more modern J200 series LandCruiser’s there was the inclusion of handsfree (HFP) …

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  • Bluetooth FM Transmitter vs Integrated Car Adapter Kit

    If you want to be able to jam out to your tunes and make calls over your car’s speakers without completely replacing the head unit on your older car, your options for adding modern connectivity are limited to two options: FM transmitters, or a bluetooth car kit. We get a lot of questions from people asking about …

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  • Tunai Firefly Bluetooth Home Stereo

    Best Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Home Stereo

    This tiny device turns your old home stereo into a wireless bluetooth receiver. Beam tunes from your smartphone to your bluetooth-less home stereo speakers with the help of the Firefly connector. One of the frustrating things about technology is how rapidly it can become redundant. Take bluetooth for an example, it’s only in a few short years …

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  • How to Remove the Radio from a Mazda 3

    The task of removing a radio from a Mazda 3 is quite easy, so take your time and follow this guide through and you will have a working iPod and iPhone car kit connection in no time. You only need basic tools and you don’t need experience. It should only take about 20 minutes to …

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