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Connector Port for DAB+U (double adaptor)


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Connector Port for DAB+U

Enables the ‘Pass through USB’ function on the DAB+U (DBU2GEN, DBU3GEN, DBU2NIS, DBU3NIS).

  • Easy switching between USB and DAB+U
  • You can use your USB connector without unplugging the DAB+U
  • Connects to the DAB+U through USB and a connector port
  • Functions as a USB extension kit
  • DAB+U can be hidden from sight (e.g.: behind the dashboard)
  • Most cars have only one USB input, so normally you need to unplug your DAB+U if you want to connect an other device (for example your phone for charging). If you want to use a switch instead of this process, then you can go for the EXT2CP2 DAB+U Connector port. By using this accessory you don’t need to unplug anything, you can switch between the DAB+U and the second USB device with the mode switch.
    The connector port has to be connected to the Round 9-pin connector of the DAB+U and the upper USB connector on the device. If the switch is set to DAB mode, the DAB+U is in active mode and you can listen to the DAB radio. When the switch is in USB position the DAB+U will be in bypass mode (DAB off) and you are able to access the content of the flash drive connected to the USB connector on the connector port – or the connected smartphone will be charged if the car supports it.
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