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Dension DAB+U Cars with USB in


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The Dension DAB+U Digital Radio Receiver is a USB powered solution for receiving digital broadcast in your car or at home which works like a USB flash drive with mp3 files. We bring digital radio to your car, office or home, enjoy! The Dension DAB+U is compatible with most playback solutions with USB port, but to ensure the best result, please confirm compatibility on our website.

  • Premium sound quality without jarring
  • DAB, DAB+ and DMB-R standards are supported
  • Station following service
  • SMB antenna connector
  • Works with non-amplified and active antennas
  • Connects to a standard USB port, powered from USB
  • Automatic Buffer Size Assessment (ABSA)
  • Easy browsing – DAB stations appear as virtual mp3 files
  • Connector port enables you to use your USB connection without unplugging the DAB+U (optional accessory)
  • Home or office use is also possible
  • All DAB need an antenna in order to function, we recommend the Dension Windscreen Antenna.
  • Check compatibility here
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  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    My review of the Dension DAB+U October 2017
    I purchased my unit from Cushie Audio and installed it myself it’s, an easy enough job following the supplied instruction, the only difficulty could be hiding your wiring but that is dependent on your car layout
    As for running of the aerial cable I checked out YouTube.

    Now the unit itself I had a problem with it at first as it turned out I did not download, and install the necessary configuration file (definitely needed) make sure you download the file for your car
    For my 2017 Subaru Outback it is “dbu_K67.cfg”
    Chris from Cushie Audio was a big help (good after sale help)

    I live out of the Sydney reception area (Yarramundi) and this unit works out here I recently went through Richmond, Windsor, Maraylya, Glenorie, Galston, and onto Hornsby, A trip that was about 80 mins in duration
    The only problem I had were in two spots where I lost reception
    1st one Cattai Ridge Rd Cattai deep between two hills a loss of 20-30 seconds
    2nd one at the bottom of Galston Gorge Galston that took 30-40 seconds to come back
    There is section on Cattai Ridge Rd where AM band, is unbearable to listen, the static is a shocker I normally switch the radio off, or listen to my mp3’s.
    And that would apply for about 3-4 minutes but with the Dension DAB+ pure bliss
    The Dension DAB+U device is equipped with ABSA an ‘Automatic Buffer Size Assessment’ so be aware that it will take a few seconds for the buffer to do its job
    I have a very good audio system in my car, and to listen to this Digital radio through my system it’s fantastic
    For me a good purchase
    Alf Zappala

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8 months 8 days ago

I have a car with a USB connection where I plug I phone into a USB point and it plays music, will this do the same if i add the Denison DAB USB to the car, how will be able to get the Perth DAB Stations on this device??

7 months 23 days ago

Hi Brendon,
Sorry for slow reply.
Have you seen a DAB+U in action?
For a list of Perth stations please visit
I hope this helps, let me know if there’s anything else I’ll be quicker next time.

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